At age 25, NYC-based designer Elle Draper came to a crossroads in her career. After some thoughtful experimentation, she decided to get back to her creative roots. Elle taught herself how to sew at age 7 and scrunchies were one of her key creations. She saw this trend coming back into the high fashion spotlight and decided to create her own line of amazing, limited edition, high-end scrunchies.


Elle has entrepreneurship in her blood. Long story short - her first ‘business’ was a lemonade stand. With this in mind, she thought back to the classic adage “when life gives you lemons... make lemonade”. BOOM Lemonelle was decided.



Elle did a deep dive into the scrunchie universe. She tested and re-tested different elastics, fabrics, and packaging designs.  She spent weeks trying out various pattern measurements until finally, she created THE PERFECT SCRUNCHIE. 

All our products are ethically handmade in the USA. Each style has an adorable name and a custom yellow tab sewn in as a cute lil' zesty 'signature' which is also convenient for hanging purposes. Welcome! We're excited to have you in our delicious lemon world!!


Questions? Comments? Compliments? Suggestions? Concerns? Wholesale Inquiries?  Email us!  >>>  Lemonelleco@gmail.com